How to Add a Domain to Office 365 Tenant

Add a Domain to Office 365 Tenant, we will provide you with a detailed, step-by-step process, ensuring that each step is explained clearly.

Office 365 is Microsoft’s suite of cloud-based productivity tools that offers a wide range of applications and services for businesses and individuals. An important feature of Office 365 is the ability to add custom domains to your tenant, allowing you to personalize your email addresses and web services.

Add a Domain to Office 365 Tenant

Add a Domain to Office 365 Tenant

Step 1: Sign in to the Office 365 Admin Center

To Add a Domain to Office 365 Tenant first, log in to the Office 365 Admin Center using your administrator account credentials. To log in to the admin portal visit Microsoft 365 admin center.

This will grant you the necessary administrative privileges to manage your Office 365 tenant effectively.

Step 2: Navigate to the Domains Section

Within the Admin Center, locate the “Settings” or “Setup” menu and click on “Domains” or “Domains & DNS.” This action will direct you to the domain management section, where you can add and configure domains for your Office 365 tenant.

Step 3: Add a Domain

Initiate the process of adding a new domain to your Office 365 tenant by clicking on the “Add domain” or “Add” button. This will open the domain setup wizard, guiding you through the required steps. By following these steps process is started for Add a Domain to Office 365 Tenant

Step 4: Enter the Domain Name

In the domain setup wizard, enter the precise domain name you wish to add to your Office 365 tenant. It is crucial to enter the complete domain name without any typographical errors.

Step 5: Choose a Domain Verification Method

Office 365 provides various methods to verify domain ownership, such as adding a TXT record, MX record, or CNAME record. Choose the verification method that suits your requirements. This step is very important steps please check and update the correct value in the DNS record to Add a Domain to Office 365 Tenant.

Step 6: Verify Domain Ownership

Follow Microsoft’s instructions to verify domain ownership based on the chosen method. This usually involves making DNS record changes with your domain registrar. Allow some time for the changes to propagate and the verification process to be completed.

Step 7: Set Up Email Services

After successfully verifying domain ownership, you will be prompted to set up email services for your domain. You can either choose to set up email services in Office 365 or select an alternative email provider. If you opt for Office 365, proceed with configuring email routing.

Step 8: Configure Email Routing

Configure the email routing settings according to your specific requirements. You can route all emails through Office 365 or establish a hybrid configuration where some mailboxes remain on-premises while others reside in the cloud. Follow the provided instructions to complete the email routing configuration.

Step 9: Create User Accounts and Mailboxes

Once you have added the domain and configured email routing, proceed to create user accounts and mailboxes for your domain. Access the user management section within the Office 365 Admin Center and generate new user accounts associated with the added domain. Assign licenses and set up email aliases as necessary.


Add a Domain to Office 365 Tenant empowers you to personalize your email addresses and web services, providing a professional touch to your communication and branding. By following the step-by-step instructions provided in this comprehensive guide, you can effortlessly Add a Domain to Office 365 Tenant, verify domain ownership, configure email routing, create user accounts and mailboxes, and optionally update web services. Enjoy the benefits of a customized domain within the powerful Office 365 ecosystem, enhancing productivity and professionalism for your organization.

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